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Reiki Healing

Really relaxing, and I felt very clearly something starting to move energetically, like a flowing river... -S.H.-

Indian head massage

Quite heavenly. The thoughts stopped, which really made both the mind and the body relax completely. I have to take the habit of coming for this more frequently. - H.T.  -

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I slept very well the night after the treatment and woke up surprisingly relaxed. The shoulders, which were the most critical problem, are now in much better shape. - T.H.  -

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Shiatsu massage

reflexology foot massage

Access Bars

A very interesting thing happened, as after the treatment there hasn't been any need for the sweets! Usually, I eat a couple of bars of chocolate every evening, but after the treatment I haven't had the desire for the sweets at all !(feedback 3 weeks after the treatment)  This is incredible! - M.S -

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yin yoga

Wonderfully relaxing and great music!  Definitely suitable for everybody! And Kira is a wonderful teacher and checks that the poses are correctly done, she is well present for everyone in the class.  - M.N. -

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Laughter yoga

This was absolutely eye opening on so many levels - our work community enjoyed the exercises that were adopted to our daily lives, and which we can now start using as an addition to our existing work routines. On a whole, we came out of the session as a strong work community, feeling both invigorated and relaxed -and the end relaxation was the cherry on top. 
Highly recommended!

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(After a relatively long silence after the treatment had finished) 
Oh my goodness, I find myself completely speechless here: this was just heavenly! I will definitely come again. - U.L.  -

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