Who Am I and What Do I Do

I’ve been a Holistic Wellness Practitioner officially since 2014, however, having my origins in Karelia and being born and bred in Finland, I have been around alternative medicine and things a bit esoteric my whole life.


After having gone through two extensive careers, namely in sales and marketing and then in administration, I started getting more and more interested in finding out why we behave as we do as people and what is it that connects us all, what gives us all an overall sense of well-being and the feeling of enjoying a good quality of life. 

After obtaining a BSc (Open, from the Open University in the UK in 2012) in Psychology and Social Sciences, I continued studying Yoga (Kids and Families Yoga Teacher Certification, UK in 2013; Yin Yoga Teacher Certification in Finland in 2015), and Laughter Yoga (Geneva, 2015), Reiki Energy Healing (obtaining Master level in Geneva in 2016), Bars Energy Therapy by Access Consciousness (Geneva, 2015), Shiatsu Amma massage (Geneva, 2016), Indian Head Massage (Finland, 2017), Reflexology foot, ear and hand massage (Finland, 2018), Acupressure massage (Finland, 2019).... I have also been studying mindfulness and different meditation techniques along the years, which I actively practice  and teach as well.

Due to my extensive personal experience of nearly 20 years in the Corporate world, I understand the constraints and the constant demands of the modern working life. With the knowledge from the other side of the fence, I'm the perfect fit to help you out when seeking alleviation from stress, or indeed striving to develop and improve the everyday life in a Corporate setting: just a 20-min massage or energy therapy can make all the difference during a busy working week, and when this service is available at the premises of the work place itself, everyone wins as time is of the essence for us all.

Every day, I strive to both advice, support and heal my clients, empowering and inspiring them to find and trust their inner wisdom, in order to enjoy a happy and healthy life.