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I am very happy to announce that I have a new massage to offer: a full body Shiatsu massage, which is done on the floor on a tatami/hard mattress type surface.

This is either a 20-min or a 60-min massage: the 60-min massage including a hand and feet massage on top of the full protocol of going through the areas of
back, arms, hands, legs, head, neck and face as well.




I now work at Cabinet Espace Mieux-Vivre in Rue des Voisins 15 in Plainpalais, and in Sent.des Saules 3 in Jonction (GE). In Jonction I give yoga and laughter yoga classes, as well as receive massage and energy therapy clients.

I am now also bringing my services to your location, so that you can benefit from taking care of yourself even in the midst of a busy working day.

My portable massage chair and the portable massage table enable this with
a quick set-up.
House calls are now listed in the price list, where applicable.

For Corporate Recreational Breaks, please get in touch with me directly.


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Wishing everyone a happy and healthy November and see you soon!

Sunny Greetings,


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Kira Cantatore

A Natural Approach to Healing

Holistic Wellness is the art and science of healing that addresses the whole person – mind, body and spirit. As a trained Holistic Wellness Practitioner, I integrate both conventional and alternative therapies to prevent and treat any possible energetic blockages, and most importantly, in order to promote optimal health.


I invite you to join me on this wonderful world of holistic wellness.

Divine Healing

A Holistic Approach

Meditation by the Sea

relaxation training

Holistic wellness practice is a broad range of healing modalities that are based on many hundreds of years of tradition. 
With my Relaxation Training, we will first determine the underlying causes for the need to de-stress, and we will individualise the healing modalities to be used to enable your body and mind to feel free and clear of all worries and stressors that life places upon us. 
Having my background degree in Psychology and Social Sciences, I’m trained in a variety of holistic techniques that will help you not only to obtain but also to sustain a level of calmness to go about your daily life.

Pressure Points


Trained Massage Therapist, working with a mix of disciplines to ensure the ultimate relaxation based on each client's individual holistic needs. 

Select from Ayurvedic Indian Head Massage, Shiatsu Amma seated upper body massage, Shiatsu Full Body massage done on the floor, Reflexology based divinely relaxing and healing foot massage, or a Meridian massage using Acupressure techniques and Sound Healing. 

Ask more about the right massage for you.


Stones of Meaning


Holistic Wellness Coaching is a series of sessions where we start with evaluating the current situation and look at any possible root causes, after which we will define the best approach to achieve the future goals, set the timelines for the objectives and monitor the steps regularly along the way. 

What can you achieve by this type of coaching? Clarity on your desired goal; Guidance on how to achieve your desired goal; A plan in place to achieve your desired goal; Support along the way; 
Follow-up after reaching your desired goal.

Feeling like this might be just what is needed...? 
Book a FREE 15 min consultation call by clicking the button here below.

Reiki Treatment

Energy therapy 

With my Energy Healing sessions, clients note to be feeling both relaxed and renewed in their energies after each session. So whether you are looking to unwind, get more energy or have more understanding of your mental and physical state, an energy therapy session can provide all of the answers at once. 


I’m trained in a variety of techniques, so based on our discussion before booking the session, I will guide you in choosing the right eergy therapy for you, and will then tailor your session to work on your specific situation and needs. 

I love showing my clients how just a few treatments can make an enormous difference to one's mental and physical health.
At the very least, you will leave the session relaxed and with a better understanding of yourself - at the best your whole life can change for the better!


Quantum Healing is healing the body on a molecular level, working in the client's biomagnetic/aura field.


The process is thereby non-invasive, where the practitioner works to remove the energy blockages around the problem area without physically touching the client but working with their hands in the close vicinity of the body's outer limits.

Really, it's all energy...


Recommended for whatever physical issue you might have going on in your body - the result can lead to instant healing!

Happy Teens

Laughter Yoga

Laughter Yoga is a simple and an easy-to-learn method to increase the flow of oxygen into the body.

It increases the production of endorphins, the feel-good hormones in our brains, resulting in a feeling of happiness
This in turn reinforces the immune system, leading to a strong overall physical health.

Laughter Yoga is suitable for both adults and children, and the practice has been proven to bring improvements to group dynamics at work places, and indeed within any institutions where groups of people interact together. 

Ask for corporate team building day packages.

Book a Class here!

Yoga at Home

Yin yoga & Reiki

Yoga Therapy with Reiki
A Certified Yin Yoga Teacher and a Certified Reiki Master, I combine the two healing modalities to create a restorative and relaxing practice to open the energy lines in the body and to allow the body to find its own natural flow. 

This 90 min class is an ultimate de-stress zone, that will ease any tension felt in the body or the mind.
The class will finish with a beautiful guided visualisation meditation for maximum relaxation. 

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"Peace comes from within."


Ocean Rocks


For more information about Kira Cantatore Holistic Wellness, follow us on Facebook and other social media. 
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Rue des Voisins 15, 1205 Genève (Tram 12/18 - Pont d'Arve)

Sentier des Saules 3, 1205 Genève (Tram 14 - Palladium)

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